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Web Design History

Everything you need to know about Dog Eared Design Creative Studio - who we are, what we stand for, what motivates us and what we'd eat for our last meal!

How long has Dog Eared Designs been around?

Dog Eared Designs has been beavering away making web sites since 2004. It’s founding members have actually been in a working marriage partnership since 2012.

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Keep it simple..

What do Dog Eared Designs do?

Dog Eared Designs is a web and graphic design agency in Carlisle, Cumbria. The two core services that we specialise in are bespoke web design/development and logo design. Dog Eared Designs also offers an extended design service which includes e-commerce solutions.

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Who are these Dog Eared Designers?

We’re a friendly pair of hard-working and passionate individuals. Being a small agency filled with big personalities helps us to develop a warm, personal relationship with our clients. We’re approachable and enthusiastic. We are as eager to learn as much from our clients as we can teach them.

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Web Design Clients

Who are Dog Eared Designs’ clients?

Our clients come in all different shapes and sizes from both the public and private sector, from small local start-ups to established large businesses. We see no benefit in being elitist when it comes to dealing with clients, we only see the value in making them more successful and helping them to communicate more effectively. Dog Eared Designs’ aim is to always provide the right solution for our clients whoever they may be and whatever they may do (as long as it's legal and decent of course).

Dog Eared Designs?

Why are you called Dog Eared Designs?

That’s an easy one… but, we can only tell you when you are on our ever-expanding list of satisfied clients.

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Where is Dog Eared Designs located?

We’re based in Carlisle, Cumbria. Dog Eared Designs designs websites for businesses anywhere in the UK. However, we are also proud to have produced an immense amount of work for clients throughout the North West and the North East of England, Scotland, United Kingdom and internationally.

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1 Stanley Crescent Gilsland Carlisle Cumbria CA8 7BH


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