web design process stage 1

Dog Eared Designs Process

Step 1: Meet for a discussion

We can discuss your web design project over the phone, by email, chat, or facetime. However, despite all these fabulous futuristic ways to commuincate, we like to meet face to face whenever we can as it helps us get to know our clients better. This enables us to give the personal touch that means so much to us.

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web design process stage 2

Step 2: Get Ideas

During our conversation we will take notes and get ideas about what you want, how you want your website to function, what you want your website to do for your business and how you want it to look and feel.

We will then ask you questions about how your business runs and the things that you want visitors to your site to know.

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web design process stage 3

Stage 3: Planning

During the planning stage we will go away and start to build a framework for your website that we think suits your business and will match what you want your website to do with regard to functionality. We will provide you with a link so that you can see your website being built live. At this point you will have a clear idea of how your website is styled and interacts with the end user. We will then continue to communicate with you along the way so we get it right for you.

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web design process stage 4

Stage 4: Walk Through

At this stage we may need to have another meeting to go over any changes that you might want or adjustements made to the layout. We will also take time to explain why we did what we did and why it was important to do things that way and what the benefits are to you. Everything we do is done with your business in mind and how it will perform on the internet and in search results.

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web design process stage 5

Stage 5: Launch

As we get ready for launch we will put into place all the background things that need to be done to get your site ready to perform well on the internet. Will will sort out all payments that will be needed to go forward and we will talk through what to expect next, how the future of your online presence will be managed and provide you with a website launch timescale.

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web design process stage 6

Stage 6: Support

Often once your website is launched you are left to get on with it on your own. Depending on which option you have taken, you will be supported throughout the life of your website, when you need it. Even if you opted for a self management cms system, we are always available to help you out so that you get the best out of your website. We are here to manage our clients needs when they need us to.

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